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It seems these days, that Android Browser war is heating up. There are established players and new entrants in the market. To name (in Alphabetical order) the few:

  • Angel Browser  – Which claims to be a  a multifunctional, convenient browser.
  • Bing – Microsoft’s Browser on Andorid – which claims to make decisions and get where you need to go.
  • Boat Browser Mini  – Which claims to be  fast,clean and easy to use.
  • Chrome Browser  – Which is Google’s pre-installed  Andorid device
  • Dolphin Browser HD – Which simply claims – Powerful, Fast & Elegant web browser … Browsing made wonderful.
  • Dolphin Browser Mini – Which claims to be  something fast, something simple, something new!
  • Firefox for Andorid – Which promises to go from desktop to mobile without interruption.
  • Maxhton Mobile   –  Which claims to  Seize Your Web!
  • Miren Browser – Which claims to bring the most intuitive browsing experience.
  • Opera Mini – Which claims to offer fastest speed
  • Opera Web  – Which claims to offer “Premium experience”
  • Skyfire  – Which promises to make your mobile web experience richer, smarter and more fun!
  • xScope Browser – Which claims to be  the  fastest way to browse the web and manage files

and I probably missed some..

So what are the key criteria to choose a browser?

1. Price – most are free but not all. Paying $2.99 for a browser, although not much is a consideration
2. Speed – few claims to be the fastest. I have not seen comprehensive speed test to define which is which.
3. Ease of use – this is a little bit of a personal choice. Many claim to be this way. I guess the most important thing is use of screen space, tabs, and bookmarks.
4. Sync with Desktop Browsing  – neat feature if you switching frequently between desktop and mobile.
5. Social networking – If you want to share your browsing experience with your social network.

and there are also more technical issues to consider:

A. How well the browser handles video and audio.
B. Support of HTML5, flash etc.
C. Memory
D. Security & Privacy

In the next few posts I would develop more detailed criteria and share some of the browsing experience.

Please let me know if  I missed any browser or important selection criteria.